Northwest View - 2014
West Side Sunrise - 2009
South View#2-2012
Center Path - 2009
Late Fall-2012
The Mall - 4am-2012
Airplane Installation-2012
Clock Installation-2016
Toy Boat Pond-2009
Half Moon - 2009
Gapstow Bridge - 2009
Hallet Sanctuary-2009
Bow Bridge-Predawn - 2012
Private Gardens-2013
5th Ave. Exit-2009
Path & San Remo-2016
East Side Exit-2009
Snow Dusting - 2013
Predawn - London Planetrees
Predawn-The Ramble-2012
South View & Plaza - 2009
South View #7 - 2010
North Woods Exit - 2012
Zoo Entrance - 2016
January Dawn#1-2017
January Dawn#2-2017
Facing North East-2017
January Dawn#3-2017
January Dawn#4-2017
January Dawn#5-2017
5am European Beech Tree-2017
South Path-2009
Fading away-2011
Second Spring-2017
Night Fall-The Ramble-2017
First Freeze-Last Light-2017
Morning Breaking#2 - 2012
Predawn-Path & Eldorado-2017
Southside - Pre-Dawn-2012
First Light - 105th Street-2017
First March-2017
Above Central Park West-2016
First Dawn-2017
Native Meadow Clipper System-2018
Low Pressure System-Predawn-The Ramble-2018
Final Days-Winter-2017
Final Winter#1-2018
The End#1-2018
The End#2-2018
Naumburg Bandshell - 2012
Native Meadow-First Summer-2018
Out Of The Wild-2018
10th Winter-2018
23rd Hour-Looking South-2018
Lost-Clock Installation#2-2016
First Fall-Native Meadow Sunrise-2018
First January-The Ramble-2019
Bow Bridge Looking South-2018
White Out-First Light-2016
Dawn Breaking-First Winter-2018
Second Spring-Three Quarter Moon-2019
Third Spring-2019
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