Growing up In New Jersey, most of my time was spent along its coastline. At night I would watch both the locals and tourists alike walk the boardwalk, get into fights, and ride the rides I was always too afraid to go on. The environment was always on the brink of becoming completely unhinged, and I wanted nothing more then to be a part of it (but I ultimately never made it beyond a spectator). After leaving this area for 10 years I returned and realized (at least for me) nothing much had changed. I was still alone staring at rides that seemed like portals to another place that I still haven’t figured out how to get to. The “Afterlife” portfolio was created using a 8x10” camera, black and white film developed in PYRO, and the final prints are large format platinum prints that I hand make. Utilizing certain film developing and printing techniques I created, I attempted to chase and ultimately put on paper my childhood vision of these commonly misrepresented areas that line the New Jersey coastline.

-Michael Massaia


After The Storm - In 2012, Hurricane Sandy rolled in and completely destroyed both piers. The landscape was forever altered. These images chronicle the final days of these Piers, as well as what remained of the piers after the hurricane.


All of the image were captured with either 8"x10" or 4"x5" view cameras coupled with black and white film developed in Pyro staining developers.  After the film is developed I then handmake Platinum prints in sizes ranging from 9x12 - 32x42